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Is Your Carpet Safe!!!

Is Your Carpet Safe!!!

One of the easiest and most effective ways to finish off the look of a room is adding a Rug, yet, have you choose the Right one? Or in other words, is your Carpet Safe???

The word << SAFE >> determine the situation a lot of ladies face every time with their Rugs without knowing, why? Because they focus on one Factor due to the purchase of it.

Decorating your space with a new Rug can be great move to change the look of your home, yet, Flooring is often an afterthought and even when it is added, it is an item that you should actually consider first, many times it’s done incorrectly, that’s because a large part of decorating with Rugs is based on the principles of proportion, not to mention the balance with color and texture and the element of style too.

The fact is 90% of us buy a carpet based on the Factor of Price, the price is an important indicator, however, it’s meaningless when it compares to the cost. The cost is the safety and the health of the family…

You see, when you have kids, buying not only carpets, but anything else can be a nightmare, as you always looking for the safety of your loved ones, at that point, the question of How much? will be replaced with is it safe for my family!!!

When we consider the Safety, we refer to the materials that the carpet made of, the hidden details that we don’t pay attention to so often, however, it becomes a defining element.

Assuming Carpets Are the Same, Because They Look the Same, This warning especially holds true if you are getting quotes from different retailers on different products. As the saying goes, be sure you are comparing apples to apples! Just because two carpets look and feel the same, it does not necessarily mean they will perform the same. As there is a big difference between two carpets look similar but made of different materials and different technics…

The Secret is knowing which materials your carpet is made of, and also where it made… Is it made of natural materials, or there are chemical or cheap materials involved, that can be discovered when you want to clean up the Carpet, The more heavily soiled the carpet is, the more concentrated the chemical reagent will have to be in order to complete this reaction in a reasonable amount of time. That is one reason why even deionized water with zero conductivity will never be sufficient to remove really tough stains.

The Carpets that made of 100% natural Wool don’t have that issue, as only simple things, like water and sop can make the job done, don’t mention the security of you and your family as there is no side effect of any chemical Product involved.

Wool – Generally used for high-quality carpets, you’ll pay more for natural materials, but you’ll get a great looking floor covering that is made from sustainable fiber, is resilient and highly durable. It gets top marks for insulation, too – good for reducing heat loss and noise – and retains its appearance remarkably well, which means it will last longer. Wool also feels beautiful and soft underfoot! In the end, what’s matter is having a valuable Rug that will bring happiness, joy and the warm to your family.


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