Free Worldwide Shipping + 10% off-use the code ''FLYINGRUG''
Free Worldwide Shipping + 10% off-use the code ''FLYINGRUG''

Our Story

Art of the Loom offers a full line of Berber carpet in a variety of colors, textures, and prices, Our aim is to provide you with the best choice of High-Quality Moroccan Berber Rugs, at affordable prices...

our approach is simple, we make a curation of what the Ladies do best by exploring their Art of work and telling their stories.
We stay on their side hand in hand in a relationship of trust by presenting their Carpets to the greatest number.

Our intention with Moroccan Berber Carpets is to share unique art & crafts, while promoting cultural understanding,
highlighting the importance of valuing handmade goods and emphasising the role that women play in defining culture.

When you choose to have a Moroccan piece of Art from us, you can expect:

- CHOICES : We want to offer the best range of Moroccan Carpets under one roof
- VALUE : We’ll always provide value for money and easy ways to pay
- MAKE IT EASY : We’ll make it easy and hassle-free
- EXPERTISE : We have experts who will create a great experience every step of the way 


Feel free to give us a Visit: Mouassine-Medina 40000 Marrakech- Morocco

Email us on:

Phone: +212 694 848 682